Swiss Climate Foundation supports ten projects

Zurich – The Swiss Climate Foundation has approved a total of around CHF 1.3 million for ten innovative climate-related projects in its first funding round in 2024. Among other things, a mini wind turbine, a robot for geothermal drilling and a lightweight mower are being promoted.

In its first funding round in 2024, the Swiss Climate Foundation selected ten innovative climate-relevant projects for funding from a large number of submissions. They are being supported with a total of over 1.3 million Swiss francs, the foundation announced in a press release. "We are registering an increased number of high-quality inquiries with real potential for climate protection," Managing Director Vincent Eckert is quoted as saying.

In the press release, the Climate Foundation presents a brief portrait of five of the projects. This is how the Grabowski project from Borobotics GmbH in Winterthur is being supported. It has developed a drilling robot for geothermal drilling in confined spaces.

VentoStream AG from Liestal is being supported in the development of its mini wind turbine. "Our technology is three times more effective and economical than conventional wind turbines," says VentoStream CEO Manuel Bernsau. The innovative design also prevents shadow, bird and ice impact.

HILLBOT GmbH from Risch ZG has developed a lightweight mower. The project initiator Amadeo Knüsel is quoted in the press release as saying that "an average farm could save 4 tons of CO2 per year".

SolidWatts from Pully VD is supported in the development of microwave generators that produce microwaves on an industrial scale. They can produce heat efficiently in materials used in industrial processes.

Terrabloc SA develops innovative clay blocks for ceiling production. The Geneva-based company was already supported by the Climate Foundation in 2019 and 2020. ce/hs

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