Swiss HealthTech Ecosystem Map

Discover the most relevant players that support Swiss HealthTech startups and learn more about the funding environment.

The recently released Swiss HealthTech Report by KAPSLY Ventures provides valuable insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of the country's health technology sector. Here are the key findings:

  1. Funding Trends: In 2023, Swiss HealthTech startups raised a staggering CHF 422 million (excluding grants), representing only a small decrease compared to previous year. Over 90 grants were also provided to support the growth of these startups, making up for a significant support system especially in the early phases. Nevertheless, Pre-Seed funding remained at a worrying low amount.
  2. Ecosystem Overview: The report identifies over 160 relevant players in the Swiss HealthTech ecosystem, ranging from service providers and accelerators to investors and acquirers. This comprehensive overview serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders navigating the industry.
  3. Industry Growth: The HealthTech sector continues to expand, with a growing or at least stable number of players innovating in areas such as medical devices, digital health solutions, and diagnostics. This underscores Switzerland's position as a leading hub for health technology innovation and proves there is a solid foundation.
  4. Opportunities for Collaboration: With a diverse array of players in the ecosystem, there are ample opportunities for collaboration and partnership. Startups can leverage the expertise and resources of established companies, while investors can identify promising opportunities for investment.

Overall, the Swiss HealthTech Report highlights the dynamism and potential of the sector, offering valuable insights for stakeholders across the industry.

The ecosystem map and the full report can be downloaded here.

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