Swissnex Climate Startup Bootcamp starts in San Francisco

San Francisco/Bern – Five climate technology startups kicked off the first week of Innosuisse’s Swissnex Climate Startup Bootcamp in San Francisco on April 16. Irmos technologies, Borobotics, Biosimo Chemicals, Vatorex and KITRO will immerse themselves in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem.

Five selected Swiss climate tech startups will be immersed in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the San Francisco Bay Area starting April 16. The Swissnex Climate Startup Bootcamp, facilitated by the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse, will enable them to build business relationships on the North American West Coast. Borobotics from Winterthur, which develops compact drilling robots for geothermal energy, is also taking part. Also based in Winterthur are the experts in commercial beekeeping from Vatorex, which helps to keep bee colonies healthy with its heating coil hives. Biosimo Chemicals from Schlieren ZH focuses on the sustainable production of biomolecules using renewable resources. Irmos technologies, a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich based in Technopark Zurich, specializes in software for monitoring the condition of buildings and bridges. And the automated solution for the hospitality industry from Kitro in Lausanne enables food waste to be tracked. Various Swissnex speakers will inform start-ups looking to expand about immigration law, company and tax law, intellectual property protection, leadership and team dynamics. On April 18, they will present their business models to experienced climate technology investors at the Swiss Climate Bites - Swissnex Startup Pitch Night. They will be supported in all of this by Swissnex San Francisco, which is part of the Swissnex network for education, research and innovation in Switzerland. Swissnex's mission is to connect Switzerland with the world's innovation centers. ce/mm

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