Switzerland joins the global top 10 start-up ecosystems

Haifa – Switzerland has moved up one place in the global Startup Ecosystem Index 2024 published by the Israeli research center StartupBlink and is now ranked 10th. Switzerland has a total of 17 cities in the top 1000. Zurich, Lausanne, Zug, Geneva and Basel are ranked between 60th and 129th.

In its recently published Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2024, StartupBlink ranks Switzerland 10th among the most attractive countries for startups. This means that the country has moved up one place compared to the previous year, leaving Australia behind. The USA, the UK and Israel ranked first to third. It is followed by Canada, Singapore, Sweden, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Switzerland is in 6th place in Europe.

In its Switzerland country report, the index paints a picture of a country in which both the public sector, for example through Innosuisse, Swissnex, the cantons and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, and the private sector, through organizations such as digitalswitzerland, promote a favorable environment for start-ups. Switzerland is ranked 6th in the world for the valuation of companies. Switzerland is even ranked 2nd in the world for the number of branches of research and development departments of global technology groups such as IBM, Intel and Microsoft. The country is ranked 4th for the impact of exits over 1 billion dollars.

Switzerland has 17 cities in the global top 1000, one less than last year. However, the three most important ecosystems of Zurich, Lausanne and Zug are showing positive momentum, according to the report. However, unlike the other top 10 countries, Switzerland has no city that ranks among the top 50.

Zurich is ranked 60th in the world and 13th in Western Europe. Its top industry, robotics, is ranked 15th globally. The report particularly highlights the collaborative spirit of the city's start-up ecosystem with its numerous funding organizations.

Lausanne 's top industry, 3D printing, is ranked 21st in the world and 108th globally, while Zug has moved up to third place nationally and 112th worldwide. Its blockchain industry is ranked 15th worldwide by StartupBlink. Geneva slips seven places to 122nd, Basel three places to 129th. Schaffhausen debuts in 6th place nationally and 327th worldwide. According to the report, this is also particularly remarkable because it is the highest new entry of the year. ce/mm

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