Winterthur Companies Express Satisfaction with the Location

Winterthur – Around 87 percent of Winterthur companies have expressed their satisfaction with the business location in a survey for 2023. That was roughly the same number as last year. However, the answers also show that the positioning of the economic region is unclear for many.

The corporate survey 2023 conducted by the Economic and Business Development Division of House of Winterthur has primarily revealed that approximately 87 percent of respondents are rather satisfied, satisfied, or very satisfied with their business location in Winterthur . That is 0.3 percent higher than in the previous year. 204 individuals participated in the online survey between November 16 and December 16, with 76 percent of them being members of executive boards.

Compared to 2022, the shortage of skilled workers has shifted from being the top challenge to the second most significant concern for the upcoming year, mentioned by 14.1 percent of respondents. The top position is now occupied by price pressure (14.9 percent). Following that, the order situation, the traffic situation, and political regulations are among the most frequently mentioned issues.

A total of 37.6 percent of the respondents reported either no change or an increase in revenue development for 2023 compared to the previous year. 30.2 percent expect a rather positive and 42 percent a positive business development for the current year. For the number of employees, approximately 61.4 percent expect no changes, similar to the previous year. 31.3 percent want to hire new staff.

The willingness to invest has changed significantly: 51.7% of companies are planning to invest in the new calendar year. In 2021, this figure was only 22.9%.

For the current survey, the House of Winterthur focused its theme on the positioning of the economic region. According to Sven Corus, Head of Business, the results show that 60 percent feel that this is unclear: "We are therefore currently working on a positioning study together with the city of Winterthur". ce/mm

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