The new B2B marketplace for food surplus launches with a range of over 60 tons

From today, producers can register their surpluses on the new B2B marketplace Circunis and offer them for trade. Interested buyers can find over 60 tons of food on right from the start. Behind this is the association Mehr als zwei. Migros Pioneer Fund and Seedling Foundation make implementation possible.

Frozen Swiss vegetables, fruit and pulses are just some of the more than 60 tons of foodstuffs that are listed on the Circunis B2B marketplace at launch. Companies can not only record their surpluses, but also search specifically for the food they need. This makes it easy to see and trade food surpluses throughout Switzerland. Trade takes place directly from farm to farm. Circunis serves as a bridge builder and connects producers, food processors, system and care gastronomy as well as wholesalers.

"Most businesses want to operate more sustainably. Circunis now offers the necessary network for this - and it's very quick and easy," emphasizes co-founder Olivia Menzi.

Sustainable and economic benefits for participants

Initial success stories from the pilot phase show that the sale or purchase of surplus food not only makes sustainable sense, but is also economically worthwhile: additional income instead of disposal costs, freed-up storage space, time savings and attractive purchasing conditions.

Circunis participants have full access to the B2B marketplace and benefit from an easily accessible and Switzerland-wide network. The annual fee is based on the company's turnover and starts at CHF 250/year.

Important basis for a Swiss-wide cycle

Today, around 40% of all food worldwide is overproduced and ends up as waste. Switzerland has set itself the goal of halving its food surpluses by 2030. The new B2B marketplace of the Mehr als zwei association is the first to create a basis for establishing a Swiss-wide cycle for dealing with surpluses. The implementation of the project is made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund and Seedling Foundation.

→ Find out more now at and contribute to a sustainable Swiss food industry together. New participants receive a 50% discount on the first annual fee until the end of September 2024.

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