Thurgauer Kantonalbank joins CredEx

Zurich/Weinfelden TG – Credit Exchange AG (CredEx) has a new lender and minority shareholder in Thurgauer Kantonalbank (TKB). In return, it is handing over its mortgage brokerage platform, Valuu, to TKB.

Credit Exchange AG (CredEx) wants to concentrate on its core business as a business-to-business marketplace and is selling its mortgage brokerage platform Valuu to Thurgauer Kantonalbank (TKB). As a result, TKB acts as an additional lender and minority shareholder for CredEx.

Credit Exchange AG, based in Zurich, achieved "significant growth" in its core business-to-business (B2B) business last year, as detailed in a press release. The cooperation now agreed with Thurgauer Kantonalbank is "in the sense of focusing resources". As a lender and minority shareholder, TKB is strengthening the existing shareholder base of Die Mobiliar, PostFinance, Vaudoise Insurance, Swisscom, Bank Avera and Glarner Kantonalbank.

The mortgage brokerage platform Valuu was founded in 2019. TKB will integrate Valuu into the Brokermarket platform to strengthen its own mortgage brokerage. Valuu will enable TKB to expand its brokerage business with 120 brokers and 24 lenders faster and more effectively, so that both Valuu and Brokermarket customers will benefit from the acquisition. Serkan Mirza, CEO of CredEx, sees the collaboration and the focus on the core business as "an opportunity to continue CredEx's strong growth in the coming years", as he is quoted in the press release. "With TKB, we are gaining a partner that is highly competent in the mortgage business. As the soon to be second active cantonal bank on the B2B platform, we will receive innovative impetus for the further development of CredEx." ce/js

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