Trust Certified? Certification Labels for AI Systems

Can trust be certified? If so, who should be granting it? Who will be using it? According to what criteria? At what cost and with what benefit?

Apéro Digital is launching its first event, in collaboration with the Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI), on the topic Certification Labels for AI Systems. In this event, stakeholders interested in AI certification or currently involved in such efforts will gather to explore certification frameworks, such as Digital Trust Labels, through participatory and co-creation approaches. The event offers a curated space for AI innovators, developers, operators, as well as ethical, legal and regulatory experts to exchange insights and share experiences, and to identify opportunities and challenges for navigating the path forward. Our goal is raising awareness of AI certification methodologies, and empowering the innovation community with enhanced collective understanding. The event will conclude with an exquisite Apéro Riche for community networking. Come join us to shape a digital future that is trustworthy!

About Apéro Digital 

Apéro Digital is an event series funded by the DIZH Innovation Program with a focus on outreach. With the vision of fostering collaboration around digitalization and innovation around the Greater Zurich Area, events are organized in engaging formats including public talks, round tables, expert or citizen panels, peer exchanges, fireside chats, and networking opportunities – all with a participatory and co-creation approach. By combining technology foresight, storytelling, and shared experiences, we aim to deepen collective understandings about societal transformations driven by digitalization. The project is supported by the Canton of Zurich and managed by The BRIDGE Lab at the University of Zurich (UZH) and the Responsible AI Innovation Group at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). For further information, please visit the project website and the LinkedIn page.

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