Trustbook wants to democratize legal services

Zurich – Trustbook AG wants to use artificial intelligence to improve understanding of legal matters. The Zurich start-up’s solution is designed to provide families with personalized answers to contract questions and costs less per month than a media subscription.

Trustbook plans to launch the first family legal assistant designed for smartphones and on-the-go use. The Zurich-based start-up, which was founded in April, relies on artificial intelligence (AI). "Law consists of large volumes of text, and if there's one thing artificial intelligence can do, it's exactly that: analyze large volumes of text," says Raphael Stump, founder and CEO of Trustbook.

Users can feed Trustbook's confidential AI model with their own contractual and legal documents. The Trustbook solution organizes these automatically and provides personalized responses as well as the ability to engage with their contracts and receive answers that are close to the expertise of a lawyer. Trustbook wants to launch its offering on the market as a subscription model. "Our solution should be cheaper for users than a Netflix subscription, for example," says Raphael Stump. This also gives those who cannot afford or do not want to have their own law firm access to their own legal service.

The data itself is fully encrypted and stored in Switzerland. The Trustbook solution ensures that only authorized persons have access to the relevant documents and information.

Trustbook plans to test its existing prototype in closed groups in the summer and launch it on the market in January 2025. The selection of markets is based on the respective openness to digital solutions. In Europe, the focus is on the UK and France, as well as the USA and selected markets in Asia.

Raphael Stump brings experience and networks from creative agencies, software and consulting companies. The company's consultants come from large consulting and technology companies.

Trustbook's investors include exelixis capital AG. ce/stk

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