V-Locker opens the largest automatic bike parking station in Wallisellen

Dübendorf/Wallisellen ZH – V-Locker has opened a bicycle parking tower at Wallisellen station. The facility, designed for 30 bicycles, is intended to encourage commuters to switch from cars to bicycles.

The "largest fully automated bicycle parking facility in Switzerland" has gone into operation at Wallisellen station. The bicycle parking tower expands the Swiss-wide network of the Dübendorf-based company V-Locker and comprises 30 individual parking boxes, according to a press release. The parking solution is intended to reduce car journeys to the station.

As the press release explains, commuters and short-term parkers can store their bikes in the convenient and secure parking boxes in a space-saving tower construction. The boxes can only be booked via an app and around the clock. This means that the parking tower "corresponds to the zeitgeist of the (e-)bike boom".

The municipality sees the availability of additional bicycle parking spaces as a contribution to bicycle mobility. "The already established parking solution offers an attractive offer," it says.

The manufacturer points out innovations such as the multiple opening and sharing of a box with other users. The boxes can also be used for Monopole 's cargo e-bikes. To try out the concept, 20 parking hours can be activated using a code.

V-Locker announces another station at Grenchen SO railroad station, which should be available from May 2024. ce/heg

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