Venture Kick supports Alpina Sana with 150,000 Swiss francs

Schlieren/Schwerzenbach ZH – The start-up Alpina Sana has received funding of 150,000 Swiss francs from Venture Kick. The company intends to use the funding to improve the production of nutritional supplements using 3D imaging and artificial intelligence.

The start-up promoter Venture Kick is supporting Alpina Sana with funding of 150,000 Swiss francs. According to a press release, the Schwerzenbach-based start-up intends to use the money to offer personalized nutritional supplements for older people. The company is taking account of the fact that older people are unable to eat properly for various reasons and suffer negative health consequences as a result. Alpina Sana wants to use 3D imaging technology to scan the daily food intake and needs of older people. In a second step, personalized nutritional supplements will be offered in forms such as meal drinks, ice creams or cookies, according to the press release.

Alpina Sana's customers include hospitals, care facilities and outpatient care services. With this new investment, the company aims to increase its market share to 20 percent. This should primarily be accompanied by business development and scaling of production.

"Venture Kick was a decisive turning point for us," said Robert Schreiber, CEO of Alpina Sana, in the press release. "The program not only refined our approach to achieving product-market fit, but also inspired us to set and pursue ambitious goals. Venture Kick has indeed pushed us forward and encouraged us to think big and act boldly." ce/ww

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