Vetropack Launches Innovative Reusable Bottle

Bülach ZH – Vetropack has developed a reusable glass bottle that is more stable than its conventional counterpart despite its lower weight. The 0.33-liter bottle is to be launched on the market in February as a standard solution for the brewing industry in Austria.

Vetropack has developed an innovative reusable glass bottle. The 0.33-liter bottle is set to be introduced to the Austrian market as a standard solution for the brewing industry in February, as announced by the manufacturer of packaging glass for beverages and food from the Zurich lowlands in a press release. With this, Vetropack aims to contribute to meeting the mandatory reusable quota that has been in effect in Austria since the beginning of the year.

"The bottle is approximately 30 percent lighter than a traditional reusable bottle while maintaining at least the same or better strength characteristics," said Erich Jaquemar, Strategic Customer Service Manager at Vetropack in Austria, as quoted in the statement. "Due to less wear on the contact surfaces, it can achieve approximately 20 percent more cycles compared to conventional containers," the statement explains.

The glass bottles are produced using Vetropack's special Echovai process and are made from over two thirds recycled glass. The low bottle weight allows more rows of crates to be stacked on a pallet. This further reduces transportation costs and CO2 emissions. The bottle and crate design were developed in consultation with players in the brewing industry under the leadership of Brau Union Österreich. "With the bottle developed by our partner Vetropack, we present an ecologically sensible and economically attractive alternative to everyone for whom shape, size, or weight has been an argument against reusability," says Gabriela Maria Straka, Director Corporate Affairs, ESG Sustainability, and member of the Management Board at Brau Union Österreich. ce/hs

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