VirtaMed and Atracsys Cooperate

Schlieren ZH/Puidoux VD – VirtaMED and Atracsys are joining forces to drive innovation in medical training and simulation. Both focus on robot-assisted and navigated surgery using digital twins and advanced algorithms for simulations.

VirtaMed, a provider of data-driven simulation solutions for surgical education, and Atracsys LLC have announced a strategic collaboration. According to VirtaMed, it is a global leader in medical training with mixed reality simulators for minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in orthopaedics, urology, gynaecology and general surgery. Founded in 2016, the company is based at the IJZ Innovation and Young Entrepreneur Center and is a member of Start Smart Schlieren.

Atracsys designs, certifies and industrializes high-speed optical measurement systems and real-time image processing systems for surgery. Since 2004, they have been helping surgical professionals around the world to guide their instruments into patients' bodies with sub-millimeter precision.

According to a statement, the collaboration between the two companies aims to explore innovations and new training modalities. The focus is on robot-assisted and navigated surgery. "By combining our expertise, we want to explore innovative solutions that redefine training standards for healthcare professionals," Youri Marko, Business Director of Atracys, is quoted as saying.

For example, the inclusion of applications with digital twins and advanced simulation algorithms also has the potential to accelerate and expand research and development efforts for partners in the healthcare industry. "This collaboration," says VirtaMed CEO Raimundo Sierra, "is a significant step forward in shaping the future of medical simulation and robotic surgery." ce/mm

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