WEYTEC equips the trading floor of Hana Bank in Seoul

Unterengstringen ZH/Seoul – WEYTEC, in collaboration with ITS Convergence, has provided solutions for the trading floor of South Korea’s Hana Bank. The bank has opened a new Infinity Trading Floor in Seoul.

The Unterengstringen-based IT company WEY Technology (WEYTEC) has equipped Hana Bank 's stock exchange workstations, according to a press release. The bank, based in Seoul, South Korea, has opened a new Infinity Trading Floor. According to the WEYTEC press release, the deployment was carried out in collaboration with the software developer ITS Convergence.

According to the announcement, Hana Bank is one of the three leading banks in Korea with trading operations in a prestigious economic center. It has invested in the development of a next-generation retail center, it continues. The project was designed in collaboration with architects such as the American NBBJ, headquartered in Boston. The trading center is now operated with WEYTEC's trading floor collaboration solutions, the company adds.

Hana Bank was formerly known as Korea Exchange Bank. The Hana Financial Group acquired Korea Exchange Bank from the American investment company Lone Star in February 2012. According to its own information, the bank consists of a network of 134 foreign branches in 24 countries, primarily in Europe, the Middle East, North and South America and especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

Founded in 1984 by Hubert Wey, WEY Technology is based in Unterengstringen, but operates worldwide. WEYTEC solutions transmit, control, distribute and display real-time data in trading floors and control centers worldwide. WEYTEC specializes in KVM products (keyboard, video, mouse) and solutions that enable the switching and distribution of all data sources in any combination for an unlimited number of workstations, large-screen displays and monitors, according to a company statement. ce/gba

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