Z-Kubator What's Up? Insight into creative business models

From game design to media art, from stinging nettles to AI: the new blog “Z-Kubator What’s Up” offers insights into the business models of creatives from the ZHdK ecosystem.

What concerns and motivates the players in the Z-Kubator community? What do they do? How do they shape the future of art, culture and the creative industries and bring entrepreneurial thinking and action to art? And how do I get started?

"What's Up?" asks precisely these questions and provides tips and tricks on how to turn study and research projects into life tasks and entrepreneurial reality. Each semester, the Z-Kubator team selects a focus topic from the cosmos of topics covered by its teaching, advisory and support programs that is relevant in a broader context and which is addressed in greater depth at "What's Up?".

The spring semester is dedicated to the topic "Creative impact: Going beyond aesthetics". In the latest portrait in this series, we present the design brand Maison Verte.

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