ZHAW Center for Artificial Intelligence

The ZHAW Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI) is a center for excellence in applied AI research and application. Our mission is to advance human-centered and trustworthy AI research in Switzerland, providing students with career opportunities in the AI sector, attracting young talent and tackling the grand challenges of our time through the innovative use of AI. We believe in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and dialog with the research community, with our students and with our industry partners.

The CAI focuses on machine learning and deep learning in the following areas: Computer vision, perception and cognition (including pattern recognition, machine perception and neuromorphic engineering); natural language processing (i.e. dialog systems, text analytics and spoken language technologies); autonomous learning systems (reinforcement learning, multi-agent systems and embodied AI); trustworthy AI (explainable AI, robust deep learning, AI & society); and AI engineering (MLOps, data-centric AI and continuous learning)

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