ZHAW - Institute for Food and Beverage Innovation

In the large topic area of “Food”, one of the questions that concerns us is how – in view of the limited resources of our planet – we can succeed in feeding future generations in a sustainable and regenerative way. At the new “Future of Food” campus in Wädenswil near Zurich, we are committed to a future in which sustainable, enjoyable and healthy nutrition is possible for everyone.

“Regenerative Food for Planetary Health”

Our holistic approach “We understand food” guides our institute. We observe all developments in society, the economy, technology and nature that are relevant to food. Our teaching, research, training and services focus on “managing the making of better food and beverages” – in close cooperation with companies, institutions and authorities. The institute’s focus is thus on the application-oriented control and optimization of manufacturing processes. The aim is to provide products and solutions that optimally satisfy people’s nutritional needs. Our mission is “better” food and beverages that are enjoyable, healthy, safe and sustainable from raw material to consumer.

Researchers, employees and students work together with us on solutions to meet the challenges of climate change, the growing world population and the limited natural resources of our planet.

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