Zurich Park Side Education Conference: AI – an opportunity for education

“How can artificial intelligence be used responsibly in education?” 250 teachers, head teachers and people interested in education from politics and business explored this question at the 14th Zimmerberg-Sihltal Education Conference.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its seemingly unlimited possibilities have been around for 70 years. Today, the topic is omnipresent: a total of seven presentations on the topic of the education conference "AI - an opportunity for education" focused on the responsible use of AI in education. Philippe Wampfler and Christian Coenen gave concrete recommendations and tools on how modern school teaching with AI works.

For example, does it still make sense to write a Matura essay? AI can help to write better texts. "School examinations need to be adapted," recommends Wampfler. The students of tomorrow should know how to use the tools to their benefit without neglecting their own learning effect and skills development. For teachers, in turn, this means conscious control and didactic know-how when using AI tools.

No fear of AI

Klementina Pejic used the example of Swisscom to show what impact AI will have on our working world. She spoke openly about employees' fear of one day being replaced by an AI. Her conclusion: an unfounded fear! Ted Talk speaker Manu Kapur rounded off the conference by illustrating the general future of learning in the age of AI.

What became clear in all the contributions at the conference: It is not a question of whether AI will replace us, but rather how we use AI in such a way that it can be a helpful tool for us.

Sponsors of the 14th Education Conference: Swisscom AG, u-blox AG, Hasler Foundation, UBS and ZIS Zurich International School. The planning for the 15th Education Conference on March 25, 2025 has already begun. This will once again take place at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Rüschlikon.

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